Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happers Ferry

Our class went to the Harpers Ferry along with students and teachers of MEI. The Harpers Ferry is located in West Virginia along the river. It takes about one and half hours to get there. After arriving, I explored around the village with classmates. There was a village where the old-fashioned building stood once, that is built in about 1800. While I went after my group, I could see old-buildings and some stuffs which is definitely different from things using in modern. I thought the stuff and tools is displayed in there had led to current American culture. Anyway I’d have a very long and exciting trip. Not to shabby for me.

How you spent the weekend of Oct.7-8

I am not doing anything on weekends. But in this weekend, I went to the my uncle’s house to do something makes eventually me tired. But it’s not bad time to do that. I always glad to be with someone love me. My uncle can certainly be someone loves me and encourages me to do whatever I want.
While I’d been having dinner, I talked to my aunts what is really needed to live alone. The following day, I went to the Costco to buy everything I needed. Returning to the house, I thought I had to buy more

My speaking partner

My speaking partner is so kind about teaching to me whatever it is. I am always meeting at Stamp union on Thursday. We always talk about American culture, how to learn English and something like that. Also we spend much time playing game that is sometimes boring. But It gives to me a little of this, a little of that, that is, it is sometimes exciting.
My speaking partner’s major is chemical engineering, so he used to talk about his major that is new things to me. He is always proud of his major. Like him, I also would like to study something after finishing English. Nowadays I realized that how painful it is not to speak English.